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Hey everybody! This is Brett and I want to thank you for considering making a donation!  So far I’ve taught MILLIONS of people how to HEAL THEMSELVES by natural means!  Many pass the information on to friends, family and others and even MORE people get feeling better!  It’s a domino effect of self empowerment & healing love!  I’m just getting started but need your support to make more miracles happen in the future!  I appreciate you! The WORLD appreciates those that HELP THEMSELVES! Thanks in advance for making a single or monthly donation to my cause!

 WHY Make a Donation?

It’s most likely that I’ve saved you a LOT of PAIN, SUFFERING, DOCTORS VISITS and MONEY!!!  Maybe you’ve been watching my videos for the knowledge or entertainment value in them.  In return for my efforts, you’ve decided to SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION by sending me some of your hard earned cash!  Also, you KNOW how VALUABLE my FUTURE videos will be and you don’t want to miss ANY of them! Only PAID subscribers will receive ALL of my videos from here on out!  Additionally, you understand the legitimacy of KARMA (what comes around, goes around) and you want to promote smart & holistic energy to the world!  You want to empower others to heal as you have done!  Making a donation to my cause shows the universe that you really CARE about something that MATTERS!  My work really matters and makes a big difference in an often uncaring world.  Let’s change things for the better!

Patreon rewards:  For a $5/month donation you’ll receive all my PRIVATE videos!  You’ll get the good stuff that nobody else gets!  I’ll make the most helpful videos… things you can really use in your life!  For $12/month you’ll get to talk me LIVE on the phone for up to 15 minutes.  (Includes private videos.)   For $20/month you’ll get to suggest any type of video you want me to make!  (Includes private videos.)

Initial GOAL:  $2000/month – to teach millions more people how to do self massage and other natural healing modalities!  For this I need to be able to hire people to help me make products, help on the computer, help make videos and many more things that take resources.  Thanks for your support!  

Recent challenges!  

Sighting that their ads were being placed on racist/unacceptable videos, two months ago most of the major advertisers pulled all their advertising from Youtube.   Initially, I lost 85% of my Youtube income.  Although it has come back a bit now, I need you to help fill the void!

Chakra, my golden retriever just had major surgery and it was not cheap!  The total bills came to around $1800!  Donating to my channel helps me to pay for these troubles.  Thanks!

My 93 Corolla (the Car-V) has 235,000 miles on it and needs the block to be rebuilt.  If you appreciate my videos and all the good information I put out then you may want to donate to the “Car-V Engine Fund”.  I would appreciate you so much and you never know… I may stop by some day and say, “Hey ya’ll, this is Brett.”…   🙂

Donators:  Joe $10  Nikki $50  Jordan $20  Levente $20  Peter $10  Helene $20  Marcus $25  Joan $35  Nikki $40  Eric $40 Mel $10  Joan $53  David $2 Wendy $50  Cynthia $25  Joan $65  Stephanie $10  Mark $10  Helene $10  Maria $30  Dulce $20  Ray $10  Helene $20  Mel $10  Joe $30  Nikki $50  Thein $10  Steve $30 Kathy $5  John $100 Nikki $40  Michelle $100  Maria $10 Diana $60 Helen $200 Amador $10 Helene $20 RaChelle $50  Barbara $50  Susan $25  Sam $20  Moira $60  Dallas $10!  Legacy Events $20  Shell $25  Ann $20  Nate $25  Ann $25  Peini $10  Alba $10  Thanks to everyone that has donated to my causes!  Many blessings to you!!!  

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