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Squatting Toilet Instructions – Click Pictures!


I am no longer making squatting toilet platforms.  I recommend making something similar on your own.  Click on the pictures to get a general idea of how it’s done.  The top is 23″ x 18″.  The legs need to be about 16″ high for most standard toilets.  Make the legs very strong – enough to support your weight.  (If you weigh very much you’ll need cross supports in between the legs.)  If you decide to buy one from someone on the internet, make sure you are able to achieve a FULL SQUAT and not just a partial squat using a stool device.  

Good luck and happy pooping!  

It’s healthier to squat instead of sitting on the toilet!  Squatting is the way our ancestors have pooped for thousands of years.  When you squat, your legs support the ascending and descending colons.  This is very important for protecting your digestive system from bulging.  Additionally, you release the puborectalis muscle so the you get FULL elimination.  It’s so much better after you get used to it!  I’ve been squatting for about 5 years now and will never go back to sitting.   If you cannot afford to buy a squatting platform then make your own!  See my other site here!   Sometimes we need to get back to basics.  One of the most basic daily functions of the body is to take a dump!  Why not do it right?

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Squatting Toilet Platforms

Did you know that it is completely unnatural and unhealthy to sit on a toilet to poop?  The natural position to have a bowel movement is to squat.  Squatting to poop is part of many animals’ natural genetic makeup … yes, including the human animal species.  Your ancestors squatted to poop for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years.  When you don’t do things as they have been done in the past, it often creates many ailments!  Let us look at some of the difficulties caused by sitting on a freaking toilet…

I personally have spent many years cleansing my digestive system of all the accumulated matter, aka mucoid plaque.  Let there be no doubt that when you don’t eliminate completely, it contributes greatly to this build up of undigested food matter in the digestive system.  Read the “Guide to Better Bowel Care” by Dr Bernard Jensen.  Also read, “Cleanse and Purify Thyself” by Dr. Richard Anderson.When you are in a squatting position it allows the bowels to release tension and encourage a total evacuation.  When you press your legs up against your bowels it stimulates them to have a bowel movement.  Also, in squatting position, your thighs support the large intestine helping to prevent  hernias, diverticulosis, and pelvic organ prolapse.  On the contrary, sitting on a toilet contributes to all of these conditions because when you contract your muscles and your organs are not supported well, they bulge out and become prolapsed, herniated and perforated.  Every day I see so many people with bulging bellies that are no doubt caused largely by sitting on toilets…and poor diet too…and poor posture…and enough already!When you have an accumulation of undigested matter in your digestive system it only makes sense that you’re going to have regular acid indigestion as the entire hose is backed up to the stomach.  Acid indigestion will then contribute to stress.  Stress is the number one killer in the world.  Please…. squat to poop from now on!There is a lot more information available about this subject on these sites:  Natures Platform.   Evaco Squatting Platform.   Lillipad.  Also, you may like one of their products better than my designs.  I don’t care which one you buy as long as you just get started with squatting rather than sitting!   For right now I am only offering,  “how to make a squat to poop platform instructions” (see below).Many years ago I came to discover that I live in a funny ass (no pun intended) world full of all kinds of inventions geared toward speed, ease and convenience.  These creations usually make people weak and lazy.  They also destroy the environment.  The toilet is a perfect example of an invention that does all those things.  The sewer system connected to that menagerie is part of this toxic & environmentally hazardous method for eliminating human waste.

Guarantee:  All products are guaranteed against defects for 5 years.  Return it and I will repair it…  Please remember though, I do not offer any refunds.  If you buy a product it is your to keep.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 20 x 5 in
Bowel Buddy Platform

Squatting Toilet Platform


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