Natural Yoga Bolsters – Organic, Healthy, Firm Support!

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At home or at your local yoga studio, you’ll love these all natural yoga bolsters – 100% organic cotton/buckwheat hulls.  Hand made, one at a time from only the best and most durable materials, these yoga bolsters will give you excellent support for many years.  They’re much better and healthier than any foam bolster you’ve used before!

My natural yoga bolsters come in a sets of three for just $140.

*  Inner bolster material made with heavy cotton duck material – 100% organic.

*  Outer case made with 100% organic cotton sateen material – lots of great colors!

*  Inner stuffing is organic buckwheat hulls – firm and conforms to your body perfectly!

*  Comes with extra buckwheat hulls for adding more support when needed.

Shipping uses NO PLASTIC!  (No plastic tape, plastic bags or plastic filler/stuffing!  100% recyclable!)

No refunds or exchanges!  My products are handmade, natural, functional ART.  I don’t offer any refunds or exchanges for any reason. Yoga bolsters are guaranteed against defects for 5 years.

On a BUDGET?  Save $$$ on “undyed” colors.  (Undyed is totally natural – unbleached – a cream color – has some little speckles – extra soft.)

Millet Pillows - Stornett Lavender.
Millet Pillows! EYES of the World Yellow - organic cotton.
Millet Pillows - Stornetta Blue
Pink Fields of Honey organic cotton case for your millet pillow.
Millet Pillows - Morning Dew.
Millet Pillows - Flowers.
Millet Pillows - Orchid Whispering Grass.
Millet Pillows - Ginko.
Millet Pillows - Chocolate.
Millet pillows - Black
Millet Pillows - Tangled Up in Blue.
Millet pillows - Green
On a BUDGET? Save $$$ on
Twilight Blue - Deep dark blue.
Millet Pillows! Orchid Pink - Organic Cotton


Natural Yoga Bolsters!

 Natural yoga bolsters!

It’s very important for everyone stretch out every day.  We all need regular massage therapy as well.  Massage stretches the muscles from the inside out as well as from the outside in.  Stretching on natural yoga bolsters accomplishes both massage and yoga at the same time!  Buckwheat hulls are really the sweetest stuffing that you can use for organic natural yoga bolsters.  One reason… they can be any tension you like just by changing the amount of hulls inside.  All my natural yoga bolsters are made from safe & healthy organic materials and will last a very long time.  Using the spine bolster pictured here helps you to get your shoulders back where they belong.  When people sit and type all day, or look down while reading, they get rolled over shoulders and a forward head posture.  My natural yoga bolsters are perfect for helping you to relax your body back into a healthier position.  The buckwheat hull neck bolsters are incredible too.  You just roll your head & neck around, back and forth on the bolster.  Feels so good!  As you recline on the spine bolster you focus on releasing all the tension in your back and neck.  Move around a bit.  Massage it in.  It’s better than sliced toast and healthier too.  The medium size natural yoga bolster is for placing across the mid or low back.  (Please watch the video below for natural yoga bolster uses.)  Once again, just try to relax the muscles and let the weight of your body do the trick.   Sit in the Shivasana position for a while (5-10 minutes).  When you’re ready, remove the bolster and pull your legs to your chest.  It feels so good to release the back muscles from both ways.

I now offer all three natural yoga bolsters with beautiful covers for $140.  They are 100% organic inside and out and are made to last a lifetime.  These are simply the best natural yoga bolsters that you can buy.

See me on Youtube too!

Guarantee:   All  products are guaranteed against defects for 5 years.  Return it and I will repair it…  Please remember though, I do not offer any refunds or exchanges!  If you buy a product it is your to keep.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 14 x 10 in
Colors - Choose an option...

Stornetta Lavendar, Eyes of the World – Yellow, Stornetta Blue, Pink Fields of Honey, Morning Dew, Garden, Flowers, Orchid Whispering Grass, Ginko, Chocolate, Black, Tangled up in Blue, Green, Undyed – natural, Twilight Blue, Orchid Pink

2 reviews for Natural Yoga Bolsters – Organic, Healthy, Firm Support!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeri Massi

    I love these bolsters. Brett has put out a Youtube video on how to use them to loosen up your neck. The video inspired me to purchase the set of three bolsters. They are very well made, very durable, and packed very well to maintain their shape and firmness. I also received an extra bag of hulls so that I could add to the filling of the bolsters got too soft over time.

    These bolsters really have helped me to just relax the painful and tight area between my shoulder blades. I just lay on the biggest one and let my shoulder muscles stretch. I can’t say that they have replaced my need for acupuncture or chiropractic, but they have added to my routine of self care and have been well worth the money spent. Their quality is very good: excellent, in fact.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these bolsters and use them all the time. This was a life saver today after work. The only thing better would be an actual massage! Too bad I didn’t live closer! I totally dig your tools man!

    • Brett Rodgers

      Thank you Nikki! Sending warm blessings your way!

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