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Handmade. Natural. Sustainable. Beautiful!

Not a plastic or foam roller but a wooden body roller!  You’ll love these handmade wooden rollers!

Leave the plastic at the gym. Introducing the foam roller for your living room. Our handmade natural body rollers support not only your practice, but also our planet and its people.

Infused with the northern Thai culture’s ethos of “with heart”, Lanna wooden body rollers are made from sustainable natural materials, featuring Thai craft and authentic handwoven textiles from the Lanna Kingdom of northern Thailand.

Since I totally LOVE Lanna Rollers, I promote them for PJ (Lanna’s owner) here on my site.  Lanna Rollers are purchased directly from Lanna Roller by clicking the link below.  As an affiliate I receive a commission from Lanna Roller.  Thanks and happy rolling!

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The Lanna Roller is the NATURAL wooden body roller version of foam rollers.

The Lanna Roller is a wooden body roller that LASTS MUCH LONGER than any foam roller. If you are looking for a quality wood roller for your body then the Lanna Roller is the one for you!  A natural wooden body roller is made, from start to finish, by a small group of artisans in northern Thailand in the comfort of their own studios.  Wooden body rollers are designed to aid in the therapeutic benefits of body rolling, made “with heart” to enhance not only your physical well-being, but also our planet and its people.


We offer natural a wooden body roller in a variety of sizes and covers to fit your personal needs and style. A Lanna wooden body roller is made by artisans in “The Lanna Kingdom” of northern Thailand from sustainably-harvested natural materials: a mango wood core, cushioned with natural latex foam from trees, and wrapped in authentic hand-woven textiles. The Lanna wooden body roller offers a continually expanding variety of handwoven textiles, from traditional ethnic designs to naturally dyed solids with hand embroidery, all woven by hand with heart.


Our therapy-based natural lifestyle products are inspired by the “Lanna Kingdom”, a cultural region in northern Thailand with a rich history in traditional handicrafts and therapeutic Thai massage. The Lanna people are known to have a high regard for the concept of “with heart”. While most wooden body rollers on the market are factory-produced from plastic foam, each Lanna wooden body Roller is handcrafted from natural sustainably harvested materials from a people who have developed great skill in utilizing materials harvested from nature.


The byproduct of Thailand’s fruit production, mango wood is considered “The New Bamboo” because it reaches maturity quickly and its wood is coveted for many uses. Mango wood’s remarkable properties are highly prized by crafts people and furniture makers where ability to handle stress is required.  Natural wood makes the ultimate wooden body roller!


Sourced from the milky sap of rubber trees, the production of natural latex starts by tapping a tree like maple syrup. Latex foam has a luxurious and smooth feel, and has remarkable properties that producers of petroleum-based foams struggle to replicate: it is hypoallergenic, bio-degradable and naturally resistant to mold, mildew & bacteria.  This cushion make the best wooden body roller!


The removable decorative covers are what give Lanna wooden body rollers their own unique personality, to match your own unique personality. A Lanna wooden body roller features a variety of cover lines, including a line of covers with handwoven ethnic designs, a line of organic cotton covers colored with natural dye, some covers that feature hand embroidery, and a line of covers that feature all of the above.


Wooden Body rolling is a technique where you “roll” your body on a foam roller or ball to create muscle compression, similar to the effect of a deep tissue massage. Every structure in your body is covered in a layer of fascia, from your muscles to your blood vessels. The condition of the fascial layer is important to your overall health. Myofascial adhesions can lead to pain, discomfort and decreased flexibility. Rolling helps break up these adhesions in your fascia.

Body rolling or “Self Myofascial Release” SMFR is a practice that supplements a healthy lifestyle. The practice has been documented to increase tissue oxygen levels helping to maintain healthy tissue and muscle strength, and help increase range of motion by releasing muscles that are difficult to access through stretching alone. Body rolling improves arterial heart function, aides in lymphatic drainage, raises tissue oxygen and releases endorphins. After just a few minutes of rolling you feel lighter, energized and more fluid. A regular wooden body roller practice can alleviate chronic pain and help establish better postural balance by releasing deep muscle tension and increasing joint range of motion.  Enjoy!

2 Year Limited Warranty from manufacturer.

Wood knots and grain inconsistencies give wood its natural charm and beauty. Wood expands and contracts in extreme temperatures, altitudes, and humidity levels. As is normal in wood products, minor “hairline” cracks may appear over time are considered normal.

Within 2 years of purchase, if a crack develops that is wider than 1mm from normal usage below suggested weight limit of 250lbs or 113kg, Lanna Roller will issue one replacement roller. Shipping cost for replacement roller is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Replacement rollers are issued on a case by case basis. To be eligible for a replacement roller, send a photographic proof of crack wider than 1mm to Once the replacement roller is issued, the limited warranty will be fulfilled and there will be no further warranty coverage on replacement roller. Replacement rollers will be sent without an outer cover, so be sure to keep your cover.

All Lanna Roller covers are hand woven. Loose threads and inconsistent weaves are considered normal and part of the hand made charm.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ok, since I’m new to body rolling I cannot compare these to something else, but I can say I’m impressed with their quality.

    The mango wood core is sturdy and about 1/3 of an inch thick. I have tried standing on these for balance training and they seem to hold up nicely. The latex is the same width and gives the cushioning you need. Rolling your back on these feels slightly painfull but great! (The good pain.)

    I have all 4 sizes, and size 3 slips inside size 1, just as the size 4 slips within size 2, so they are pretty easy to store. All in all a wonderfull product!

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