Clothe Food Bags


Clothe food bags for produce and bulk foods.

  • Reusable over and over.
  • Washable – just turn inside out.
  • Comes with handle for holding.
  • Closes with a zipper to prevent spillage.
  • Fits over bulk food bin opening to fill easily.
  • Great for produce too.
  • Comes in variable sizes made from organic cotton and non-organic linen.  (Scraps from my other products.)

Shipping uses NO PLASTIC!  (No plastic tape, plastic bags or plastic filler/stuffing!  100% recyclable!)

No refunds.  My products are handmade, natural, functional ART.  I don’t offer any refunds for any reason. Bags are guaranteed against defects for 5 years.


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Clothe Food Bags for produce and bulk foods!

Stop using plastic bags!  Start using clothe food bags for your produce and bulk foods.  People just throw away plastic bags.  It’s a WASTE of resources and energy!  Feel BETTER about yourself and start using clothe food bags today!  My organic cotton and non-organic linen food bags have a nice handle that you can use to hold the bag when filling or carrying.  The zipper is spill proof and just the right size for holding over the bulk bins at the health food store.

I’ve been using clothe bags for about 20 years now.  I still have some of the same ones I bought back then!  Imagine just how many plastic bags those clothe food bags have prevented from going to the landfill!  Man am I a strong person for having gone the natural way!  No modesty!  You can do it too.  If you cannot afford to buy them from me then make your own!  Get started today!  Get back to the natural ways!

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