Back Support for Office Chairs & Car Seats – BEST Product!

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*  Best support for sore backs & butts.
*  All natural, and completely adjustable using millet hulls – natural organic.
*  Made with 100% organic, heavy cotton canvas duck, in black or brown – durable long lasting.
*  Made for office chairs and car seats.
*  Won’t get squishy like foam.
*  Firm and functional.
*  Held on with Velcro straps.
*  Works great for car seats & low/mid back office chairs – not high back.

Shipping uses NO PLASTIC!  (No plastic tape, plastic bags or plastic filler/stuffing!  100% recyclable!)

No refunds or exchanges!  My products are handmade, natural, functional ART.  I don’t offer any refunds or exchanges for any reason. Back/butt supports are guaranteed against defects for 5 years.

I also make sitting cushions WITHOUT STRAPS (more portable).




Sit longer in better comfort!  Try my all natural back support & buttock support cushions!

Greetings!  I’m Brett Rodgers, massage therapist and inventor of the best back support cushion that you can buy … the all natural, firm and adjustable, “Miracle Back Support” for office chairs and car seats.  If you have a sore back from sitting, your back pain can be dramatically reduced by using my incredible, natural, holistic, low back support cushions!  Everyone needs good firm back support.  Synthetic foam cushions do not provide firm back support.  My best back supports are different!  They use all natural & organic millet hulls to provide excellent, firm, totally adjustable, back support.  The material I use is made of organic cotton canvas that will last for years.  They are simply the best back supports in the world!

My all natural back support cushion is the best low back support for car seats.  Even if you only drive short distances, you will totally love this back support for car seats.  Over time, many short trips with no support can add up to painful low and mid back problems!  People that drive long distances really love my firm back supports.  They are one of the very best back supports for truck drivers and bus drivers too.  (Also, if you have sore buttocks from sitting while driving, scroll down to see my Miracle Buttock Support).

My Miracle Back Support is also the best back support for office chairs!  Some people that really appreciate my back supports are:  Receptionists, executives, secretaries, home office workers and anyone that sits for any length of time and wants to take care of their body!  Every office chair and car seat should have one of these incredible, super healing, all natural, organic buckwheat hull or millet hull Miracle Back Support cushions!  Why?  The health of your back depends on quality support while sitting.  The longer you sit, the more you need natural, firm back support.   My Miracle Back Support is nice and firm and totally adjustable in two ways.  The buckwheat or millet hulls move around and fill in every contour of your back.  Also, you can put as much support (buckwheat or millet hulls) in the bag as you like!  When you get good support for the low back it props your shoulders back where they belong!  Foam does not do the trick!  Blow up support mechanisms are inferior!  (Also, if you have sore buttocks from sitting in an office chair all day, scroll down to see my Miracle Buttock Support).

Miracle Buttock Support

*  Distributes weight of your body more evenly and over a much larger surface area.
*  Promotes healthier butt muscles – gives pain relief to low backs.  (Absolutely true!)
*  Tones and strengthens the muscles of your buttocks.
*  Allows you to sit for longer periods of time.
*  Totally natural and healthier for human bodies!

Try my natural “Miracle Buttock Support” for buttock and low back pain from sitting!
Please also buy a Miracle Buttock Support to go with your Miracle Back Support.  People get sore buttocks from sitting all day.  Sore buttock muscles make for a sore low back as well as a sore butt.  You see, the gluteal muscles, or buttocks are connected directly to the illiac crest (that boney prominence just below your low back muscles).  Your low and mid back muscles are also connected there and when the buttock muscles gets tight and sore, it causes direct tension on the low back muscles and then they get tight and sore too!  Ouch!  Pain!    Supporting your gluteal and hamstring muscles evenly is so important for your low back muscles.
Foam pushes back against your body unevenly and unnaturally.  This causes tight and sore buttocks from sitting and then radiates tension to your low back.  What you need is to distribute the weight of your body evenly over a broader surface area.  See how the Miracle Buttock Support conforms perfectly to your body by creating a mold?  That is the beauty of buckwheat hulls and millet hulls in action.  Remember also that these products are not outgassing chemicals like synthetic foam supports and they don’t get squishy either!   Now I make my buttock supports out of 100% cotton canvas.  This product will last for many years…probably many cars!
Colors available are usually brown or black.

“Its great – I like how you set it down then “wiggle” a bit and you sort of settle in to it.  Provides a much more even support – no pressure points. Thanks for asking. Richard”     

 “Great, glad you like it.  Remember to adjust the amount of hulls inside to get the perfect amount of displacement for your own body.  You want to sink into it as deeply as possible without “bottoming out”.  No pun intended!    Enjoy,  Brett”

Please also see my videos on Youtube and my massage site!

All  products are guaranteed against defects for 5 years.  Return it and I will repair it…  Please remember though, I do not offer any refunds or exchanges!  If you buy a product it is your to keep.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 14 x 6 in
Miracle Back or Buttock?

Miracle Back Support, Miracle Buttock Support, Combination Back & Buttock Supports

Color Choice

Black, Brown

2 reviews for Back Support for Office Chairs & Car Seats – BEST Product!

  1. David

    In principle, this seems like a really good idea. My wife bought me both pieces to use in my car. Due to the nature of the filling of these supportive cushions, they require constant adjustment making them rather frustrating. If you’re going to be perfectly still while sitting on or back against the pillow, it’s great! However, I’ve found that I have to be wiggling the cushion to a better position frequently (especially the one that I had strapped against the back portion of my car seat. The filling, by nature, settles to the bottom of the bag as soon as I move a little bit. I stopped using them after adding and reducing the quantity of filling to no avail. These are however really good to use as meditation pillows where you will be still for a period of time. Brett’s worksmanship is excellent but the supports need a design update.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    I had these on an office chair, and they do adjust nicely to your position. You might need to shake yourself into position when you sit down, but they definately give you an improved seating comfort. As usual, they are well made, and are well loaded with hulls, and you can always take alot out if you only want a slight cushioning effect.

    Thank you again for a wholesome product, Brett!

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