A Course in Miracles Original Edition

A Course in Miracles Original Edition. This is really a foundation book for understanding your life’s purpose!

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Not Messed With!  Fantastic Version!  Buy it!

I like the uncut version better so far.  (I’ve now read about 65 pages.)   I get the feeling that there’s more of Helen Schucman in this book than “they” wanted you to know back in 1975 when the other book (the blue one) was published!  For me that’s OK because I still know that there’s no way that she (Helen) alone could have written this book without the help of someone much more powerful.  Supposedly it was Jesus.  Regardless of who it was, the knowledge passed down through this UNCUT, UN-MESSED-WITH  version of The Course in Miracles is absolutely fantastic.  I’m learning so much and have gotten much peace already in knowing that this world is not real and is only geared toward “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence which is our natural inheritance.”  It’s true!  How these blocks got there I do not know but they certainly need to be dissolved no doubt!  I’ve been at this healing thing for a long time now.  Wow!  When I wake up in the morning I say to myself “Here we go again!  I’m still alive!  Let’s give it another try.”  Then I try to do just a bit better than the previous day.  Blessings to all.


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