Greetings everyone,

My name is Brett Rodgers.  I have been completely into natural, holistic healing for many years.  Like many of you, the reason for this quest was to save my own life!  From what?  “Modern” medicine, ignorance, greed and the industrial age!  Before I tell you my challenges I should say that I now know that everything I’ve undergone has been exactly what needed to happen!  Additionally, I have been mostly responsible for my own destiny even long before this life.  I know that sounds crazy to some people but it’s true!  That being said, my parents (both born in about 1945) didn’t know very much about living healthy lives or eating healthy food.  The poor quality diet I was fed, including foods I was ALLERGIC to (like wheat & dairy) were trouble for me from an early age.  I was always sick and all too often received a dose of antibiotics for my illness.  Additionally, my parents faught constantly and dad was an alcoholic.  This constant turmoil along with my physical troubles were a huge strain on me and my ability to fight off infections.   Mercury dental fillings in my mouth caused even more toxicity in my body and made me extremely sick!  Acne and other diseases plagued me for much of my young adult life.  Were doctors able to help?  No!  Conventional “medicine” caused nothing but troubles for me and made no sense!  Additionally, doctors and their greed driven drugs contributed greatly to my grandparent’s deaths and made me even more angry!

For nearly 25 years I’ve been on a holistic path of healing.  Yea!!!  Let there be hope!  Now I help others by teaching them what I’ve learned.  See me on Youtube!  I also offer holistic consultations for reasonable rates via Skype or phone.

One of the many health fields I’ve studied is environmental illness.  Over the years I’ve worked diligently to clean up my air, food and water.  I learned that the chemicals in our houses directly effect us, and in time, can make us very sick.  Please read the book, “Creating a healthy household” by Lynn Marie Bower or many others on the subject.  The products I offer on this site are geared toward helping you to stay safe and get healthy!  It’s a lot of work to dilute (cleanse) the toxic chemicals from your body.  It’s such a relief to sleep on a healthy, supportive pillow or bodypillow that’s not out-gassing chemicals!  It’s great to have a cushion for your car that you can adjust to suit your own body’s needs.  It’s awesome to have a reasonably priced, non-toxic pair of orthotics that are comfortable and adjustable to the arch of your feet.  I first created/invented these products for myself.  Now I sell them to others seeking superior, non-toxic products.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do mine!

Blessings and good luck on your journey!

Brett Rodgers

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